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OPINION: People Laughing Over Pondei's Health Failure Are More Wicked Than Looters

Whether Professor Pandei dramatized or not, one reality that came to the fore was that he could have been dead if the assumed health challenge he suffered was critical. 

It appears we are a nation of conscientious wickedness.

How can we not boast of a standby responsive medical team at a sensitive place like the national assembly, and at a time of sensitive assignment.

The fact that everyone appeared almost helpless , while those whose primary responsibility it is to save life were nowhere to be found when the Prof. needed help, shows how cheap life is in Nigeria. 

The truth is that, both the looters and the looted are all casualties, because we had seen in the past where people who looted and elevated themselves to undeserved affluence and comfort died chiefly or in vain, because the system they ruined either failed to come to their aid at a time of danger, or failed to give them justice in death.

It's not bad to be rich as long as the beneficiary worked for it or legitimately benefited it, but it's atrocious to ruthlessly bring ruins to bear on the society in a bid to acquire individual riches that are most times, unneeded and unnecessary. 

The actors in the NDDC scandal are free to faint or even sleep into a coma, but none should die until they have returned all the loots that have denied the people of Niger Delta the opportunity to live a decent life.

We have shown enough cruelty and inhumanity to ourselves, and I think it's time to show humanity and empathy that can set the country on the path of progress, else our unjustifiable greed may consume us.

I learnt that prof is back to his feet and stable, so he should go back and continue from where he stopped, we are eagerly waiting for him.

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