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5 Things Drinking Alcohol In Excess Does to Your Body

Alcohol drinking is a personal decision. Some drink it because it makes their pain go away, some take it as a social lubricant while others take it because of the enjoyment it generates. Although alcohol has its negative effects, its disadvantages cannot show when you take it moderately.

But others choose to take it in excess. It is a waste product that the body would excrete as waste product. So what does drinking alcohol does for the body? I am going to be talking about 5 things drinking alcohol does to your body.

1. It slows down the immune system

Drinking Alcohol could have a serious effect on your immune system. It slows down the immune system thereby increasing your risk of even common diseases. But this is mainly if you take alcohol in excess.

Studies say that heavy drinkers can easily succumb to illnesses including cancer, heart diseases and brain illness.

2. Alcohol weakens the bone strength

Drinking Alcohol in excess has been proven to weaken bones strength. It also leads to several types of fractures. This effects even shows more at old age.

3. Alcohol may cause infertility in men

Taking alcohol in excess could lead to infertility in men. This has been proven through studies carried out on animals. It could also cause infertility in women and even lead to miscarriage when taken during pregnancy.

4. It may Affect Heart Health

Drinking Alcohol has a high chances of affecting our heart health. People that drink alcohol have higher possibilities of developing some health related issues

5. May Make it Harder for the body to absorb Nutrients

According to a study by cone Health, taking alcohol could have an effect on how our body absorbs nutrients. It makes it difficult for our intestine to control bacteria leading to indigestion.


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