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Importants meals you should not miss for any reason

There are somethings we human do plays with that we DNT supposed to play with like the meals we eat,the time we eats,and how often we drink water in a day so am here to inlighting you on how to make sure you got it correctly

As you all know we have three meals





(1)...let me start with number 1.breakfast is the most important meal in our daily meals dnt try to miss breakfast because if you do so you are EXPOSING your body to danger that harm you seriously make sure you get breakfast every morning and it must be light food es tea is ok for breakfast...


(2).... LUNCH is meal after breakfast he important also but you can decide skip it because is not all that important but if you have the opportunity to take your lunch do so because it's help too in body building

(3)..., Dinner is another DNT miss you DNT have to miss dinner for any reason is very important to body building and also helps in system boasting too.....

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