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Appendicitis Pain: Why you need to see your doctor immediately

Among all the body parts, doctors are still trying to figure out the appendix to know if it helps fight infections or not but we can actually survive without the 2- 4 inch worm-shaped organ but if it bursts or gets infected which normally cause appendicitis then you are in trouble and needs to see a doctor immediately.

What Does The Pain Feel Like?

The pain starts normally as a stomach ache but the pain will eventually move to the right lower part that is located between your hip bone and your rib cage. There, it feels like an ache and it's quite tender.

It is highly recommended for one to go to the hospital immediately or call the emergency room if you start noticing worsening pain or even a new one there. Pregnant women will experience pain in their right upper side.

We all have a very low risk of about 8% for developing appendicitis in our lifetime but it's more common in adults ranging from age 18-25 and also in children ranging from 10-19. In short, it is more reason for emergency surgery in children.

It is notable to know that it is not hereditary and not transmittable to others but there's absolutely nothing a doctor can do to reduce or prevent your chances of getting it.

What Can Cause Appendix Pain?

It is normally caused by an infection that affects the appendix thereby leading to a blockage. The blockage can also be caused by inflammation, viruses, bacteria, parasites, Ulcers, enlarged tissues, Hardened fecal matter, Abdominal tearing, or ripping.

If left untreated, the infection can cause the appendix to burst and might lead to inflammation in the abdomen lining.

Where Does Appendix Pain Occur?

Generally, you might take it as a normal stomach ache but pay attention to it, you will notice that the dull aching pains start at the lower right quadrant and when left unchecked and persistent for over 6 - 12 hours, appendicitis may occur. Also, always check the level of the pain especially if you have not had much in the past.

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What Symptoms Should One Watch Out For?

Fortunate enough, appendicitis symptoms show up very fast like usually within 24 hours, the signs will appear between 4 - 48 hours after an issue has occurred. It is essentially important you see a doctor if you experience any of these:

a) Lack of energy

b) Inability to pass gas

c) Fever

d) Loss of appetite

e) Nausea or vomiting

It is worthy to note that appendicitis has similar symptoms to a lot of other health issues. So, it is always very important one sees a doctor to positively determine what's wrong

Appendicitis symptoms can also mimic:

a) Gallbladder problems

b) Stomach problems

c) Pelvic inflammatory disease

d) Intestinal blockages

e) Ulcerative colitis

f) Crohn's disease

g) Urinary tract infections

What are the treatment options?

There's actually no blood test that can determine or identify appendicitis. A blood sample can only show that there is an increase in your white blood cell count which shows or means that you have an infection. Doctors may actually order a pelvis CT scan, an X-ray to help their diagnosis, In children, ultrasound is normally used to diagnose appendicitis.

The treatment of appendicitis comes in two ways:

The first is Antibiotics which are normally used in less severe cases, the doctor might prescribe an antibiotic.

The Second is Surgery, the doctor may need to remove the appendix especially if it has not burst open. They do this through a laparoscopy which is a small cut in the belly button. This works well for all people notwithstanding your age.

The ruptured Appendix will require a longer recovery time. The doctor will have to clean out any infection that has spread in the abdomen.

In all, don't forget to seek medical help if you notice any sign of appendicitis.

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