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6 Health And Medicinal Benefits Of Tigernut That Will Make You Start Eating It Regularly

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Tigernut is a tubber crop. Although it's smaller in size compared to all other tuber crops, but it has a lot of health and medicinal properties.

Below are five health and medicinal properties of tiger nut that will make you start eating it on daily basis

1.Contains high Nutrients content

It contain high amount of nutrients and beneficial plant compound s. The nut is an excellent food because it contains a variety of nutrients.

Tiger nuts contains nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin E, Vitamin C and folic acid.

All these nutrient are Macro and micro nutrients that are needed for the proper functioning of the body.

2.Improve Digestion.

It promotes a healthy digestion and helps to keep the digestive system clean. Since tiger nuts are high in insoluble fiber, the insoluble fibre passes through your digestive tract without being digested, and adds bulk to the stools, thereby preventing constipation and facilitating easy movement of bowels.

3. May Improve Heart Health.

Tiger nuts contains Macro and micro nutrients needed for proper functioning of the body. Nutrients such as pottassium and magnesium, helps in regulating blood pressure, control the heart rhythmic activities, helps in stabilizing blood pressure e. t. c.

Once this nutrient and other nutrients are present in the body they have beneficial effect in the heart, and can help to prevent Highblood pressure, heart attack, stroke and other heart related diseases.

4. Aids weight loss

The nuts doesn' t directly loose weight, but since it contains dietary fibre that doesn' t add fat to the body, it can help obessed people or people trying to get slimmer. Since it will not add fats to your body but it rathers helps in shedding the body fats.

5. Boost your immune system and help Fight Infections.

Since it contains essential and non essential nutrients needed by the body, antioxidants and other compounds, it can thereby help to strengthens the immune system preventing it from attack from foreign pathogen causing diseases.

6. Has aphrodisiac properties

Tiger nut contains arginine and omega 3 that helps in the better blood flow or supply of blood, from the heart to the reproductive organs.This enables erection to be turgid, increases libido and makes a man last longer in bed.

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