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Benefits Of Eating Neem Leaves On Empty Stomach

Neem leaves is what we called dongoyaro, very bitter in consuming, and is also, very powerful and good for our health.

Benefits of eating neem (dongoyaro) leaves on empty stomach:

1. It treat malaria: neem is used to treat malaria fever because of the gedunin component that is in it.

2. It Prevent Diabetes: neem leaves if taking everyday help in regulating blood sugar levels. The chemical components that is present in neem leaves can optimizing the insulin receptor to function and ensure the body to receive appropriate amount of insulin, that will protect against the development of the deadly disease called diabetes.

3. It Cure Acne: neem is the best solution for acne. It eliminate grease and bacteria that will or can exacerbate the condition.

4. It can also help to relieved skin itchiness, pimples and many other skin problems.

General objections:

1. Name one work of neem leaves that you know?

2. You are free to say anything you know about neem leaves to our health.

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