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A Miraculous Cure for Ulcer

Ulcer has, over the years, been one of the disturbing diseases in Africa. In fact, some people do think they would die whenever ulcer disturbs them.

Witnessing one of its victims, I felt sympathetic with him when he was rolling on the floor as if he were being kicked by a mopol. He was a big boy, yet he could not avoid screaming like a pregnant woman on the verge of delivery. Then, I knew that ulcer is a serious disease.

Pitying the guy's situation, I quickly called someone whom I know with insight on things like that. The man I called asked the guy to buy some ingredients which I belittled as a result of their lower price compared to the drugs the guy has been using before. Believe me, we bought the ingredients, the man helped us mixed them up and returned the finished medicine to the guy. I swear, that marked the guy's end of this bad experience as far as ulcer is concerned.

Now, here is the drug:

Get shea butter of a bowl of about one and a half or even two litre, original and pure honey of about one litre, and olive oil of about one litre, and a leaf called "ewe ogbo" in Yoruba language. Make the leaf a powder and mix all the ingredients together including the leaf. Make sure you squeeze the shea butter very well so that it would become soft. After mixing them together, package them properly in an openable small bowl, and keep it in a cool and dry place.

Its use:

Prepare hot pap, get a small cup of the pap, add to the pap about two spoons of the medicine, leave it for a moment to reduce the heat of the pap till it becomes warm, then drink it gently. Repeat this at least once a day for fifteen days or more as case may be. If you discover that the disease reduces but not completely, try to make the medicine again till the ailment vanishes.

I wish you a healthy life.

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