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Spiritual Benefits of Coconut Water and How to Prepare it.

Coconut is a natural fruit which has its own water. Coconut produces it's water and this water has both physical, medical and spiritual benefits. The water of coconut is used as a neutralizer. It neutralizes the over dose of medicines and drugs. When a person has consumed more drugs than supposed, the best way to neutralize it is by taking coconut water. If you are on any type medical drugs, do not consume coconut water because it would make your medicine ineffective. Speaking on the spiritual Benefits of coconut water, coconut water is used for protection. This form of protection is however for newborn babies and it would follow them for the rest of their lives. If you are an expectant mother or father or if you are a single lady or man, read this carefully. As a man or woman who is expecting a grand Child read this and understand very well too. This is the material needed:

7 heads of Coconut only.

This is What to do;

Once your baby arrives this earth,use coconut water to wash the baby's head. Do not use ordinary water. Once you make that mistake there is no point anymore. The deed has be done. So, just pour the coconut water on your baby's head before the nurses or mid wives use ordinary water to bathe your baby. Everyday for seven continuous days use coconut water to wash your baby's head first. When you have washed his head with the water,pour out the water into a different bucket and then finish the baby's bathing. Take any of his clothes and soak in it. Do not wash with soap. Take the baby's clothe which you soaked in the coconut water and spread out to dry. Now what do you do to the water? Do not throw it away with force. For the sake of emphasis, do not throw away this water with force. Gently pour it out to the ground. Do this continuously for seven days. As you are washing his head with water from one head of coconut daily, pray for your child. Everything you want God to do for him or her say it while washing the baby's head. Speak prophetically into the life of your baby. When you are done for seven days, you can now use ordinary water to wash your baby's head. If you make the mistake even for one day to use ordinary water to bathe your child's head, there is no use anymore. The power of the coconut water has become spoilt. 

What are the benefits of using this water on your child ?Let me share with you ;

1.The destiny of that child can never be delayed or hindered by the power of evil people :

No matter how hard the enemies or jealous people try to destroy,delay or hinder the destiny of your child. It would never ever work. This is because coconut water is a great instrument of nature. This particular child has a guarantee that nothing can temper with his destiny or future. He has no business with destiny killers of any sort. You have used nature to give him a good dose of protection.

2. It scares aware evil spirit from the child :

Your child become a hot danger zone for bad spirits or bad energy. They will not have anything to do with the child. In fact, they would always stay away permanently from the child throughout his or her life time. This is because you have nature's permanent protection. God is nature himself.

3. The child would grow in favour and good luck

The water found in Coconut was not put in there by any human being. It even produces the water without stress. Washing your child's head for seven days from birth with coconut water will help him to obtain favour and attract good luck without stress or excessive suffering in life.

This is the way to prepare coconut water for a child :

Buy the Coconuts that the outermost hard back has been cut for you.

This saves you the stress of cutting it by yourself. Each day, break one coconut and pour the water into a cup. If it contains any particle, please sieve off very well into another container.

This is how to get your coconut water. Remember to use it for seven consecutive days. 

There are other spiritual Benefits of coconut water such as using it as a cure for mental illness. If you would like to know how to use it as a cure for mental illness, tell me in the comment box below. If you have any questions at all concerning coconut water, please feel free to ask me in the comment box and check back for my answer.

Please note: This is a typically natural means of protection. It is not diabolical or an occult practice. It is not spiritism. It is a Nature's gift to Man and God is nature himself. Remember to pray as you use this method for seven days,that way God will continue to bless and protect your child or children. Amen

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