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According To Nutritionists, These 4 Foods Are The Worst Foods For Your Lungs

The lungs are two spongy, air-filled organs located on either side of the chest. They are one of the most important components of the human body in that they help facilitate the exchange of air between the body and the environment. The lungs bring fresh oxygen into the body and remove carbon dioxide and other waste gases not needed by the body.

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Lungs defect or problem could cause certain symptoms such as trouble breathing, shortness of breath, feeling of not getting enough air, etc. Certain lifestyle factors often play major roles in many lung-related health conditions. A few of the lifestyle choices that often adversely affect the lungs and other components of the human respiratory system include smoking, air pollution and obesity.

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Rather unsurprisingly, your diet too can play certain parts in some of the things that may affect your lungs and it may be great to especially be on the watch out for some foods, which according to nutritionists, are the worst foods for the lungs. A few of such foods are described below:

1. Processed meats

Studies show a positive correlation between the intake of processed meats and worse lung function. The harmful effects of processed meats on lung function is attributed to the nitrites used in the processing and preserving cured meats, which may cause inflammation and stress to the lungs. You should therefore consume processed meats such as bacon, sausage, and ham in moderation.

2. Too much alcohol

Moderate consumption of alcohol is good for the body, but when its consumption goes a bit over the board, it may be damaging to your body, especially your liver and lungs. Alcohol contains sulfites which may worsen asthma symptoms and ethanol is capable of affecting lung cells. Excessive alcohol intake can also cause pneumonia and other lung problems, so if you are a drinking type, consume alcohol in moderate amounts.

3. Sugary drinks

Regular and excessive Intake of sweetened soft drinks can also affect the lungs in adverse ways. Their intake is linked to bronchitis, so you should tone down your intake of sugary drinks.

4. Too much salt

Excessive salt intake can also increase the risk of developing certain lung problems, especially long-term bronchitis. High-sodium diets are also linked to worsened symptoms of asthma in many people, so you would be doing your lungs a lot of favour by cutting down on your salt intake.

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