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Tips to Maintain A Healthy, Happy And Long Life

More and more people talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy, active and addiction-free life. Exercise, eat well, rest, spend time with family and friends, avoid stressful situations.

Many people believe that they would never be able to put all these activities into practice. They think they lack time, money, disposition, information and several other reasons. However, maintaining a healthy life can be simpler than you think!

Follow the tips below for living a healthy routine every day:

After all, what does it mean to maintain a healthy life?

Nowadays it is normal to live routines of rush due to work, housework, bills to pay and life in the big city. Tiredness is the rule, and that is why we end up leaving aside important aspects of our physical and mental health. Yes, maintaining a healthy life also includes taking care of mental health!

Quality of life is a term widely used and its meaning is exactly that: the union between physical health, mental health and social relationships, with ourselves and with the world around us.

Most of the time, your current routine can be adapted to include healthy habits every day without too many difficulties.

How to be healthy in practice?

Basically, you need three things to start with: eat well, move around, and sleep soundly. It seems little, but check this out:

Food - Drink water

Before talking about food, a very important tip: drink water. At least two liters of water every day, and it is not worth replacing water with juices or sodas. Being hydrated is essential for all basic body functions.

Tip: Carry a bottle of water with you always!

keep a balanced diet

Your body also needs nutrients and energy to keep functioning. A balanced diet is rich in grains, vegetables and greens, which provide the vitamins and minerals that are good for our body, in addition to allowing delicious combinations. A very Brazilian dish with rice, beans, rich salad and lean meat is already an excellent option.

What about fats? Well, there are good fats like vegetable oils and chestnut and fish fat. Lard is also a good source of fat, especially for preparing fried foods. As for red meat, you don't need to deprive yourself, but try to consume less.

Ultra-processed foods like stuffed cookies, canned goods and instant noodles often come with chemical additives and too much sodium and sugar, which if consumed in excess can cause weight gain and illnesses like cancer. The ideal is to avoid them whenever possible.

And speaking of sodium, salt is not a good friend for your blood pressure . Avoid using too much salt when preparing food, and try replacing it with other seasonings such as herbs, garlic and onions. Sodium is also present in snacks, soft drinks and ready-to-eat spices.

Eating is also a moment of pleasure, especially meals with family or friends. Therefore, it is not good for the diet to become an obsession, preventing you from enjoying the flavor and seasoning of each food. Remember: quality of life also includes emotional well-being!


Everyone needs to exercise, you already know that. The ideal is a fixed activity, such as weight training or a sport, but if you can't do it every day, that's fine.

Try this:

Going up and down stairs instead of taking the elevator;

Do some activities on foot instead of using the car;

Carrying groceries in hand instead of picking up the shopping cart and other such activities.

If you choose a sport or activity at the gym, remember to follow the instructors' guidelines. Always see a doctor before starting any physical activity to assess your health and make sure everything is fine .

Move through the day;

In addition to physical exercise, it is very important to move around during the day, at home or at work. Take breaks and get up from your chair, walk around the office and do some stretching . These breaks are good for the body and mind, as they also help to organize thoughts.

Take advantage of the weekends to keep moving, even if it's lighter. Choose a closet to store or a room to decorate. Keeping up a hobbie like riding a bike or walking in the park is also great practice . These are activities that can be done with family and friends, helping to maintain a healthy life and improving their quality of life.

Sleep well

While you sleep, your body recovers from the tiredness of the day, repairs any cells that were damaged during your activities and prepares you for the next day.

Without this sleep replenishment, you already wake up irritated, without energy and having difficulty performing your functions. Over time, lack of sleep builds up in the form of tension , which can affect your nervous system and mind and start causing a series of problems:

Muscle aches;

Low immunity and increased susceptibility to infectious diseases;


Episodes of depression and mood swings;

Loss of recent memory;

Difficulty concentrating;

Increased risk of stroke, type II diabetes and heart attack.

Rest and have leisure time:

Rest is also very important to maintain a healthy life . You know those moments when you lie down on the couch or in bed and let yourself go for a while without thinking about anything?

Whether watching a show on TV or browsing social media, take a moment to rest every day, preferably before bed to help you relax and sleep better.

Don't use your cell phone a lot before bed. The blue light, which comes from the screen of electronic devices, can affect the quality of your sleep. A tip is to put the devices in night mode, with an orange light.

Finally, have moments of leisure, alone or with someone you love. Do activities that have nothing to do with your work, discover sensations and new places. You can learn to cook, plant a garden at home, visit museums, go to the movies, read a book, watch a show. The possibilities are endless!

Take care of your physical health and don't forget about your mental health. As tiring as everyday life is, it is very important to have the willpower to make good choices every day. And even if you can maintain a healthy life, be sure to have your preventive exams annually and consult with specialists.

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