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10 foods you should eat as a diabetic patient to stay healthy

What we consume today really matters a lot as it contribute to our health. Moreover, most of the illnesses we are suffering from today is as a result of what we had consumed.

As as a diabetic patient, you should know that what you eat really matters. However, it is advisable for you to mind what you consume as a diabetic patient, in order to improve your health.

There are also some certain things you are ought to avoid in order not to worsen your health. In other words, it's very much better to focus on the food and fruit prescribed by your doctor to help improve your health.

In this post, I will be sharing with you few foods you should eat as a diabetic patient to stay healthy.

1. Whole grains.

2. Egg.

3. Green leafy.

4. Avocados.

5. Greek yogurt.

6. Nuts.

7. Strewberry.

8. Fatty fish.

9. Chia seed.

10. Garlic.

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