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To Overcome Anxiety, Here Are Five Key Things To Do

  Things may seem hopeless now but that will change, stop stressing, take a deep breath

 Your anxiety will tell you the worst case scenario. It’s a damn liar.

  Everything will be okay, you can do this;

1. Remind yourself of the past experiences you've overcome

2. Trust yourself, you've survived alot, and you'll survive whatever is coming the struggle you’re facing at this moment is making you stronger than you can imagine

3.  Overthinking is not going to make anything better, always be proud of how hard you’re trying focus on what you can control, the possibilities not the problems & let the rest go

4.   Fill your heart & mind with things that makes you happy, it’s okay to ask for help, you’re not alone.

5.  Say these prayer now; I confess today, I have entered into God’s rest. I refuse to be moved by any opposing situation in my body. I refuse to consider any contrary circumstance. I now rest from all struggles, because Jesus has done it all. I’m fortified daily by the Word. Death has no part in me and I refuse any condition that is not consistent with God’s Word in my spirit, soul and body, in Jesus’ name.

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