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Checkout The 7 Best Times To Drink Water

Water is the universal solvent which helps to keep the body hydrated. It is essential for the functions of the brain, lungs, heart, digestion etc. Water should be taken consistently throughout the day. The best times to drink water will be discussed in this article.

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Best Times To Drink Water:

1 When you wake up: the body gets dehydrated when you sleep. Drinking one - two cups of water first thing in the morning is essential.

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2 Before a meal: drinking water before a meal helps you to manage your weight by preventing overeating.

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3 Alongside or during a meal: when you drink water during a meal, digestion is enhanced.

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4 Afternoon: many individuals experience a downward slide of energy around 3pm. Drinking water at this time can help to boost energy and mood.

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5 When you have headache: migraine or headache are common symptoms of dehydration. Water provides relieve.

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6 Before sleeping at night.

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7 Before, during, and after an exercise.

Source: Everyday

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