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Never Fell Sick nor Took Drugs for 4 Years Till Now, See the Secrets

'Health is wealth' is not only a cliche but should be taken meritoriously. There is no doubt that pharmaceutical companies withheld secrets behind selling drugs which make people get addicted to them easily any time same illness reappears. Do not get me wrong because pharmaceutical companies have hitherto done a great deal of job in proffering solutions to illnesses around us. But most drugs have adverse effects.

Prior this time, I had been a drug addict; most especially to headache relief. Any little headache, I dash out to take this drug and this really affected me until I made up my mind that I want to go drug free and remain safe and see what comes out of it.

My Secrets

I am not a superhuman, or a celestial being. Many a time I felt tired and almost sensing sickness knocking the door. Whenever I have this weakness, I revert to Water Therapy.

By Water Therapy, I mean Drinking enough clean water to keep bodies hydrated and eliminate diseases, help without necessarily administering drugs. This has been tested and trusted by many because it helps flush and detoxify body system.

What water therapy is capable of treating?

1. Headaches (10 days)

2. Cancer

3. Asthma

4. TB

5. Constipation (10 days)

6. Epilepsy

7. Menstrual disorders (10 days)

8. Heart attacks (15 days)

9. Type ii diabetics (10 days)

10. Diarrhea (10 days)

11. Obesity (10 days)

12. Body ache (10 days)

13. Kidney and Urine diseases (10 days)

14. Vomiting and gastroenteritis (10 days)

15. Throat diseases (10 days)

16. Hepatitis (A and E)

17. Gastric ulcers

18. High blood pressure (30 days)

19. Piles (10 days)

20. Eyes infections

21. Arthritis (15 days)

Water therapy steps

These are the correct steps one needs to follow to gain maximum benefits for water therapy:

Step one: Absorb 3-4 glasses of water (warm not chilled) first thing in the morning before anything else will be done even before brushing your mouth.

Step two: The next step is to exercise patience for the next 15 minutes before going brushing your teeth or to the washroom. After this you can eat.

Step three: as you kickstart your daily activities, drink water don't water till your brain sends signals to your body that you are thirsty. Inculcate to drink water intermittently at 2/3 hours intervals.

How to cure Anus pile?

I. A bowl/potti should be ready for use. The one you can comfortably sit on.

II. Pour boiled water into it.

III. In the morning and evening, pour 3 spoons of salt, 3 caps of Dettol as you stir rigorously, sit on it for 5 minutes for 30 days. You will be glad you did!


If you have kidneys problem ask your doctor first before starting this therapy.

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