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Do you still waste your urine? See its medical uses.

Some times you run down to the WC, some times beside the bush... You waste it just for your body to normalize because it has a negative effect when held for long.

The urine is very Important for man in different ways of which I will tell in this article. Some times, it comes out very yellowish while it comes out whitish other times based on the man's body status at that point in time.

Why waste you urine? Below are the Important or uses of urine. I will make sure that I explain every bit of subheading in this article.

1. USED TO STOP BLEEDING FROM FRESH WOUNDS: because of the high presence of urea, urine is used to quench the flow of blood. Once you apply your urine on the surface of a bleeding wound, the bleeding steps.

2. URINE IS A POWERFUL DIURETIC: urine is a powerful diuretic thus expels excess water and salt from the body. Most people use diuretic to help lower blood pressures though other medical measures are safer.

3. URINE IS USA TO TREAT EAR DISCHARGE (otorrhea): once you wake early morning and in the evening, urinate and apply to the very ear that is discharging. Just after few days, it will cease.

4. URINE IS USED TO CURE EYE ITCH: itching of the eye may be caused by little injury on the eye. Apply your urine on that eye that is itching you and it will stop after few minutes.

if you still know any use of urine apart from the above mentioned, drop it on the comment box below.

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