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Best Foods To Ingest When You Are Purging

According to Healthline, purging is a horrible process that everyone will have to go through at some point. This occurs because everyone has a unique digestive tract and because an excess of good bacteria in the stomach can sometimes cause diarrhea. Due to the discomfort the heat causes in the digestive system, some people experience sudden and unexpected vomiting when exposed to it. Foods that counteract the effects of purging can be taken during this period. Some of the best foods to ingest when you are purging are: 

1. Water.

Puking and other forms of purging deplete the body of electrolytes and other fluids it needs to function properly. There's a chance of dehydration, so it's smart to drink lots of water to make up for it. While the loss of water concentrates some of the mineral element left in the stomach, rehydrating the stomach with water dilutes the minerals so the body can use them.

2. Oatmeal .

Oatmeal can help restore mineral levels after excessive vomiting and diarrhea. When consumed sparingly and without added sugar, oatmeal can be a reliable source of energy.

3. Rice.

The carbs in rice will provide you the energy you need and prevent you from purging too much, making it a great item or food to eat.

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