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The Only Part of The Human Body that can make you Rich or Poor in Life.

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Life have been able to differentiate people with their social status, that is the Rich and Poor. From this perspective most people think that life is not fair to them, just because they are poor and unfortunate.

Many school of though have been able to prove that everybody can not be equally rich, and which is what we are seeing in our society and the world at large.

The question have always been that, why are people poor and others rich?. It may also interest you to know that billion are poor today while thousands are rich. Poor in this content means the inability of one to take care of his or her needs when it is expected of.

However their is this part of our body that is responsible for this misfortune. We will look at this part together and also how to develop and keep it healthy.

The part of the human body that can either make you rich or poor in life is your Brain. Why the brain is responsible for this is because, it is the one that helps us to think, make decision and execute them. Great inventors, leaders, entertainers, educationalist and preachers in life are people who made us of their brain properly.

Their is a Japanese proverb that say's " Good thinking Good product". People who are rich in life are people who took their time to develop their brain, so also people who are poor in life are those who have refuse to develop their brain or think.

It is very important to know that if your are poor today, it means you are not thinking enough and may be the brain is not active enough to make it think right. That is why it is advice to eat healthy and balanced diet foods that will help sharpen your brain very well.

The hidden treasure of every man is in his brain, develop your own today and be celebrated by other. The next article will be on how to eat healthy foods that will help your brain functionality. if you have any comments you are free, don't forget to follow.

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