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The harmful effects of eating raw eggs you don't know.

Despite the fact that egg is a superfood when it comes to consuming it uncooked or raw,there is question regarding if it is safe to eat raw eggs.

Eggs are one of the healthiest food in the world due to the vital nutrients that is found in the superfood .Eggs are considered to be one of the major source of protein which is very essential for proper function of the body system.Other important nutrients that could be found in eggs are vitamins A, D, E, K , selenium, Phosphorus, folate, zinc, iron and copper.

These nutrients remains present in the egg be it raw or cooked. People consumes egg in different styles that will suit them in order to achieve the nutrients that could lead to healthy life. But according to research, it is never good to consume raw eggs because of what it could possibly do to the body system if contaminated with disease.Though the idea of eating raw eggs makes many people squeamish but yet it is not advisable to consume raw eggs. I have to give you more details on what raw eggs can do to your body.

What harm can raw eggs do to the body?

Health experts says that the biggest risk in consuming raw eggs is because of Salmonella poison.

Salmonella disease is the kind of harmful bacteria which interferes our digestive system and the gut .This can be found in eggs cell and in the liquid portion of the egg .

Eating of raw eggs can lead to food poisoning.It can cause health issues like vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea ,malaise and chills. Raw eggs are completely not safe or good to be consumed raw

How to reduce the risk of eating raw eggs.

Eggs in advance country are thoroughly cleaned and refrigerated to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

Pasteurized eggs such as eggs in cartons are considered safe for eating raw .It was reported that adding sugar to raw eggs can bind the water present in egg whites.This process reduces the the amount of water used in bacterial metabolism.Some natural herbs like thyme leaves and orengano has an antibacterial that can minimize the risk of eating raw eggs. It is therefore, very important for someone to take proper precautions before consuming raw eggs because of Salmonella bacterial infection which can cause a big problem to the body system.

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