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Riddles Can Sharpen Your Brain. Attempt These Riddles and Improve the Power of Your Brain

Answers to the riddle would be found down below at the end of the article. Attempt the ones you can without checking on the answers first. Good luck!


This riddle should be attempted by mathematicians only. How good were you in mathematics. This is a riddle because many people would come out with many different answer and which would be looking correct but logically wrong.

#2Simple but easy to fail. Read this question twice again. Are you smiling now? Have you found the answer already? You'll know if you check the answers down below.

#3If you're good in English you must pass this. The mathematician might get it wrong. Read the lines well before you decide an answer. I got it in my first attempt.

#4Well, we have not been in this type of situation before. To tackle this riddle however, analyze the options available. Riddle experts should get it right.


Should we know the answer to this? If you know you sleep at least eight hours daily, please attempt this riddle.

#6The mistake is looking at you right there. When you spot it out, just know that you have eagle eyes. A good number of people will not get the right answer.

#7Another riddle for the doctors in English. How much words do you know? How many are you able to combine rightly to give you the right answer to this riddle.


Another mistake? The answer might be the same with the similar previous question or it might be different. Find time to spot the mistake.

If you answer riddles hastily, you might end up with wrong answers. To enjoy playing riddle games, attempt the riddle with someone so that you can reason together before answering.

Here are the answers to the riddles above


Answer= 3


You is the name of the pilot


Answer=8 is left


The lion that has not eaten for three years. It must have died out of hunger.


By sleeping at night


I assume you answers correctly here.


This is as simple as number 6, I know you answered correctly


The mistake is in the spelling of "you ". It was spelt as" yoo".

Of you have any questions or contributions to the answer, drop it here in the comment box below.

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