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Major health benefits of cooking with onions

Are you a lover of onions? If you are, kudos to you as you are obviously enjoying the many health benefits of eating onions. If you are not, then read on so that you would see what you are missing out.

Onions does not only add a wonderful flavour and taste to your meals, it nourishes your body with different essential nutrients which we will be discussing.

1. Onions can help to prevent heart diseases. We all want a healthy heart, right? Eating raw onions or including it in your meals always, can help you to achieve that.

To have a healthy heart, your cholesterol levels should be low, as well as your blood pressure level. Eating onions regularly has been scientifically proven to help lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body.

This is because onions contain huge amount of potassium which is important in helping to lower high blood pressure. It also contains lots of Quercetin which is a flavonoid antioxidant that helps to lower high cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the body.

2. Onions contain cancer-fighting antioxidants. Onions contain lots of important nutrients known as antioxidants that help to prevent cancer.

Onions contain a nutrient known as allium (which is also found in garlic) which helps to prevent stomach and colorectal cancer.

They contain a sulphur-containing compound known as Onionin A which has been proven to slow tumour development and slow the spread of ovarian and lung cancer.

Onions also contains Fisetin which is a flavonoid antioxidant that helps to stop the growth of tumours.

3. Onions contain lots of essential nutrients your body needs daily. Onions are very low in calories (one onion contains just 44 calories) but rich in vitamins and minerals.

It contains vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B9, and potassium etc.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learned something from it. Please, share this article so that others can learn from it too. Also, share your thoughts and questions in the comment section.

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