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7 Ways to Manage Your High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a medical condition that commonly occurs when the human heart finds it difficult to effectively pump blood through the blood vessels due to some blockages .

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Globally , an increased blood pressure is known to cause dangerous health complications if not well managed .

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The following are health risks that are commonly associated with high blood pressure :

1) Heart disease

2) Stroke

3) Dementia

4) Human organ failure

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It has been discovered from various health researches that people who failed to adequately manage high blood pressure may be at higher risk of developing serious health complications due to Covid-19 .

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Hence , it is highly advisable that high blood pressure patients should partake in the Covid-19 vaccination on time .

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Observation of relevant medication and lifestyle changes have been found to help in the proper management of high blood pressure .

Here are 7 Ways to Avoid Health Complications Due to High Blood Pressure

A) Dietary Control : this involves the consumption of fruits , vegetables , whole grains , poultry , fish and low-fat dairy foods .

B) Reduction of salt intakes .

C) Reduction of human body weight .

D) Engagement in recommended physical exercises .

E ) Avoidance of stress by all means .

F) Avoidance of alcohol intake

G) Avoidance of smoking lifestyle .

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In conclusion , inorder to manage your high blood pressure properly , regular consultations with qualified medical doctor, lifestyle changes , taking your medication and monitoring your blood pressure values on daily basis are necessary .

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