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Seven local delicacies that helps the body withstand stress

Stress is a state of mental and emotional strain on the human body as a result of different activities the body has undergone. It may also be any type of change that causes physical, emotional or Phycological strain on the body.

Two type of stress known by man. DISTRESS AND EUSTRESS. Now it would also be good to know that stress has a lot of effect of our body. It changes the way think eventually it can affect your body causing poor health and even serious medical problem that may take a lifetime. There are many ways you can reduce these effect of stress on the body. One of the ways is FOOD.

Now ill be listing six {6} local delicases that can reduce stress in the body. Follow me Let me take you on a journey you would love.

1 OKPA- most of you all know okpa very well. Especially in the Eastern region. It contains protein that helps the brain to produce neuro transmitters that calms the nerves

2 YAM PORRIGE- its a very good food sauce of carbohydrate that strengthens the body system and muscles to withstand stress

3 AFANG SOUP- one of my favourite soup. It contains very rich vitamins that helps produce neuro transmitters that help fight stress in the body.

4 ROASTED PORK SAUCE- it contains fat and oil necessary to strengthen the muscles. A very good sauce of energy.

5 NKWOBI - it contains protein and other ingredients that help the body generate mineral salt and nutrient for energy

6 FRESH FISH PEPPER SOUP - it contains liquid to hydrate the body and other mineral and vitamins gotten from the fish and the spices used in making the pepper soup.

7 OKRO PEPPER SOUP- it helps burn down negetive collestero in the body and shed weight which is a contributing factor to stress. It also contains other vitamins and mineral that helps reduce stress.

Thank you.

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