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Vendors Seen Using Dirty Water To Wash Carrots They Sell To People In Mile 12

Ever wondered why they say always wash your fruit or vegetables once you buy it, it's because of this disgusting behavior done by this people.

Today a video was released on the web showing these fruit vendors located at mile 12 using dirty water to wash the carrots they will sell to passers by. Just wonder if you were the one that bought this carrot you would have come up with some serious health implications right now.

As we know dirty water can have a lot of bacteria and a lot of disease carrying vectors and also parasites. One could get nauseous, dizzy or even stomach infection for this.

For some of my readers that lives in this area, once you spot people like this don't hesitate to report this to the police, because he or she is causing poisoning of the masses.

See some people's reaction to this.


Avoid this people as for you to not get sick. I hope this article has given you some awareness, and I hope to see you in the next one.

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