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Misleading facts about masturbation

Some persons who regularly engage in m*sturbation are unsure of whether it is good or terrible, healthy or ill.

Scientific research by health bodies has proven that most of the negative facts perceived about m*sturbation aren't true.

Below are some wrong facts about m*sturbation:

1) excess m*sturbation isn't good:

The number of times you m*sturbate doesn't affect you in any negative way.

According to international society for s£xual medicine, there is no normal frequency for m*sturbation. This implies that there is no limit to the number of times you can m*sturbate.

2) m*sturbation causes decreased s£xual activity:

According to a publication by healthline, m*sturbation causes increased s£xual desire and increases s£xual sensitivity.

The more you m*sturbate the more s£xual desire it stimulated.

3) m*sturbation causes Infertility in men:

According to mayo clinic frequent male m*sturbation doesn't have any side effects as regards fertility.

Chances of getting your partner pregnant is maximized when there is s£xual intercourse, whether you m*sturbate or not.

4) m*sturbation causes erectile dysfunction:

This is a condition where a man can't acheive an erection to maintain s£xual satisfaction.

According to health match, the rumour that m*sturbation causes erectile dysfunction is not true.

5) m*sturbation causes pimples (Acne):

In a publication by healthline, m*sturbation doesn't cause pimple.

This proves there's no relationship between m*sturbation and pimple development.

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