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If You're 40 Years Of Age And Above, You Should To Stop Eating These Foods To Prevent Heart Diseases

With the advancement in age comes increased susceptibility to many diseases, the catch here is that our body and immune system gradually gets weak and frail as we grow older, by older i mean 40 years and above, you can't compare the agility of a 20-year-old to that of someone who is well above the age of 40, the same thing goes for health issues, this is why you should start avoiding some foods and reducing your intake of others once you clock 40.

There are some foods that have been linked to heart diseases and these foods will most likely lead to heart diseases in those who are older rather than the young ones, by older I mean 40 years and above. As we grow we should learn to do away with a lot of habits, from our general lifestyles to our foods, it might even our drinks.

There are different heart diseases one of which is hypertension or high blood pressure, there are also heart-related diseases like stroke and others. If you're above the age of 40 then you should avoid the foods I'll mention below to avoid heart diseases.

1. Ice cream.

The reason why you should avoid this food to prevent heart diseases is that it has high sugar and saturated fat content, this can lead to increased triglyceride levels and eventually heart attack if not checked. Ice cream is sweet but at certain ages, you should consider it not necessary if you want to avoid certain health issues.

2. Fried Chicken.

Don't get me wrong, chicken is not a bad food to eat, it can only give you issues when it becomes "fried chicken". The process of frying adds fat and calories to the chicken and this can lead to heart diseases if not moderated, especially when you're growing old.

3. Butter.

Butter is rich in saturated fat and this can cause an increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol, when someone is getting these then heart diseases might just be around the corner, waiting for the right time to strike.

4. Pizza.

The reason why pizza is on this list is because of the amount of fat, sodium, and calories that it may contain, these three things are bad for the heart and can increase the risk of heart diseases, if you're already above 40 then you should avoid this food.

The good thing is that there are other foods you can eat that will enhance your health, some of them are fruits which provide many nutrients, they include orange, banana, pawpaw, avocado, mango and more.

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