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Stop Wasting Money On Insecticides, Use This Grass To Chase Away Mosquitoes From Your Home.

Stop wasting money on insecticides, use this grass to chase away mosquitoes from your home.

This grass that chases mosquitoes away is God's gift to us, this grass botanically known as "Hyptis suaveolens" is a popular grass we are all see, know and are familiar with around our homes.

We have this "mosquito grass" around our homes as weeds, but many people are not aware of how effective it is in chasing away mosquitoes from the home.

Tired of wasting money on insecticides and mosquito coils ? Keep reading.

This "mosquito grass" has been scientifically proven to be effective as pests insecticide and also used in the production of various insecticides.

Mosquitoes are one of the insects we can find anywhere, and is a cause of many diseases especially "malaria" which has become a deadly disease affecting the world today.

I'll be exposing you to ways on how this grass can be used effectively and naturally to repel mosquitoes from where we live.

1. After plucking this grass, sundry and then burn the dry grasses on a safe surface inside your room or around the house in the eveing or when you're about going to bed, the odour from the burnt grasses chases the mosquitoes away. Leave the room for at least 10 minutes until the odour reduces.

2. Pluck the fresh grasses, and litter them around where you are and even inside your room, the mosquitoes cannot stand the odour from the fresh grasses. This keeps the mosquitoes far from you.

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