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Spiritual Symptoms that should never be overlooked


1. Be careful when daily prayer begins to become a difficult thing for you. (Jesus loves and want personal interaction every moment)

2. Be careful when fasting has become a thing of the past in your private spiritual programs. (Don't forget that fasting brings down flesh and increase the spirit man)

3. Be careful when you no longer find joy in reading the word of God every day. (The amount of God's word and revelation in you is the amount of God in you)

4. Be careful when living a life of holiness begins to appear like extremism. (Without holiness, no man can see God)

5. Be careful when in the name of "GRACE", a heathen life becomes your lifestyle.

6. Be careful when you hunger and thirst for things that do not glorify God.

7. Be careful when waking up at night to pray seems like a nightmare.

8. Be careful, brothers, when your heart no longer desires to see the Lord Jesus in person one day.

9. Be careful when you begin wishing that the rapture may be delayed even longer.

10. Be careful when you eat more than you pray.

11. Be careful when you no longer share the Word of God with others.

12. Be careful when you begin to preach the Word of God while trying to please everybody.

13. Be careful when you realise that all your friends are either weaker than you spiritually OR unbelievers.

14. Be careful when you are spending more and more time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Internet for no good reason! These idols will take the place of God in your life and you will grow cold spiritually.

Be careful of all these things, brethren, for Satan is not resting at all. That's why we must also be vigilant.

Let us prepare ourselves because Jesus is coming back soon to take ONLY those who are waiting for Him eagerly.

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