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Kidney Disease: 4 Early Signs And When You Should See A Doctor

The kidneys are very important organs of the body because of the roles they play. Without the kidneys, a human being won't be able to urinate well and also alot of things will go wrong before such a person ultimately dies. But like every other organ, the kidneys are also susceptible to various diseases and problems, thus there is need to be watchful.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some early signs of kidney disease and when you should see a doctor for proper checkup and treatment. Just sit tight and enjoy this article whilst learning something new from this piece.

What Are The Early Signs Of Kidney Disease?

1. Hematuria (Blood In The Urine); this is one of the signs of kidney related ailment and should be taken very seriously. If you start seeing blood in your urine, you should consider seeing a doctor as there is a possibility you're suffering from kidney related problem or even if it's not the kidneys, you might also be having other serious problems that needs urgent attention from a medical professional.

2. You Feel The Need to Urinate More Often; this is another serious sign of kidney disease that should be looked into. If you start feeling the urge to urinate more than normal, then you are probably suffering kidney related problem. Don't take this sign of kidney disease lightly to avoid having more severe complications.

3. Foamy Urine; this is another early sign of kidney disease. Since the kidneys help filter urine as waste product to the bladder, if something is wrong with your kidney, your urine will turn foamy. It is important to note however that sudden foamy urine doesn't always mean that you're having kidney related ailment but if you start seeing foam in your urine more often, do well to get checked as it's one of the signs of kidney disease or impending kidney damage.

4. Puffiness Under The Eyes; this is another early sign of kidney disease or problem that should not be taken for granted. If you start seeing bags constantly under or around your eyes, there is need to see a doctor as it could indicate that there's accumulation of around your eyes and this is one of the signs of kidney problem.

When Should You See A Doctor?

According to medical experts, once you start having or noticing any of the aforementioned signs more regularly, consider seeing a doctor. This is because you will have nothing to lose if you go for checkup early enough and it's detected but if you go late, you have absolutely everything to lose including your life.

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