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See How You Can Use Zobo (Hibiscus Tea) As Contraceptive

Stop wasting your money on morning-after pill when there are natural ways to prevent pregnancy. 

   Hibiscus tea (Zobo), has been proven to prevent pregnancy. Hibiscus tea is highly rich in vitamin C, minerals, antioxidant, protocatechuic acid and flavonoids. Hibiscus tea has been used to prevent pregnancy far back the ancient time in India and it has no side effect. There is no guideline directing the use of hibiscus tea when used for medical purpose. But if it best if you don't take more than 2-3 cups a day which is approximately 70cl after sex for one week.

   Secondly, hibiscus tea affect your estrogen level which can induce mensturation or cause miscarriage if you are pregnant. Because of this, it is important not to combine hibiscus tea if you are taking birth control pill or if you are trying to get pregnant or you are breastfeeding. 

  In summary, hibiscus tea can help with menstrual cramps and mood swing. Take it for 1 week after sex if you are trying to prevent pregnancy. Lastly, if you are pregnant and your pregnancy have not passed the first trimester, don't not take hibiscus tea. If you are breastfeeding, don't not take hibiscus tea.


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