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6 Foods That Can Help Make Your Bones Stronger

There is a saying that calcium is food for the bones. The level of calcium in your body goes a long way in determining the strength and healthiness of your bones, teeth and joints. One of the major sources you can obtain calcium from is the foods you eat such as goat meat pepper soup.

Before I go on to inform you of the foods that helps to make your bones stronger and healthier, let me give you a little gist about your bones and adverse effects of having low levels of calcium in your body which causes weakness of the bones.

Weakness of the bones or bone weakness is medically known as osteoporosis, and one of the major causes of this condition is lack of sufficient amount of calcium in the body or calcium deficiency. One of the most effective ways of combating osteoporosis or weak bones is consuming healthy diets such as local foods which help to improve the level calcium in your body and thus helps to make your bones stronger and healthier.

Nigerian local foods or foods prepared using natural ingredients are very nutritious and good for our health. They are packed with vitamins and minerals that keeps our body in a healthy state and helps it function better. Below is a highlight of five foods that contains a good level of calcium that you should consume more regularly to help prevent weakness of bones or osteoporosis.

1. Goat meat pepper soup. Calcium is one of the minerals that can be obtained from eating goat meat. As you probably know, calcium is essential mineral that is predominantly found in bones. As matter of fact, ninety-nine percent of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones and this calcium is responsible for the hardness and strength of the bones.

Anything that causes the calcium in the bones to be depleted will consequently cause your bones to become weaker and less tensile. Hence, it is advisable to consume goat meat more regularly in order help sustain a healthy level of calcium in your body so as to keep your bones healthy.

2. Okra. Okra also contains a good level of calcium which like goat meat helps to make your bones stronger.

3. Tomatoes sauce or stew. Tomatoes contains several nutrients and minerals of which calcium is inclusive. Endeavor to eat more fresh tomatoes regularly to get this benefit.

4. Vegetable soup. Vegetables also contain a good amount of calcium which helps to make your bones stronger and healthier.

5. Plantain porridge. Plantain contains is one food that is rich in lots of minerals such as iron and calcium and as you already know calcium is important for the formation of healthy and strong bones.

6. Potato. porridge. Like plantain, potatoes has calcium which helps your bones to be stronger and healthier.

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