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Men, Here Is What You Need To Know About Testicular Cancer

What is testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a type of cancer that affects the testicles of a man. The testicles produce sperm that is required for reproduction. The testicles also produce testosterone which starts growth and physical development in men. Testicular cancer is a rare type of cancer and it is common amongst men aged 15 to 35. Testicular cancer is highly treatable and it has low death risk.

Symptoms of testicular cancer

1.      Pain in the scrotum or testicles

2.      Pain in the lower back

3.      Lump found in or on the testicle

4.      Heaviness of the scrotum

5.      Enlargement of the breasts

6.      Swollen lymph nodes

7.      Difficulty in breathing

8.      Pain in the testicle

9.      Changes in size of the testicles

10.  Swelling of the testicles

Causes of testicular cancer

It is difficult to detect testicular cancer in its early stages. One way of doing this is to know what causes testicular cancer in men. These include;

1.      Genetics: men who have family members who have suffered from testicular cancer are at higher risk of developing it

2.      Improper development of the testicles: certain conditions might cause you testicles to grow abnormally. This results in diseases that increase you chance of suffering from testicular cancer.

3.      Race: research shows that white men are at higher risk of developing testicular cancer compared to black and Asian men.

4.      Cryptorchidism: this is a condition that causes the testes no to drop before birth of a baby. This condition is also known as undescended testes.

Treatment for testicular cancer

Testicular cancer can be treated easily especially if it is detected in the early stages. The treatment procedure for testicular cancer is similar to that of other types of cancer. treatment options for testicular cancer include;

1.      Chemotherapy

2.      Stem cell treatment

3.      Surgery

4.      Radiation therapy

Prevention of testicular cancer

Unfortunately, there is no specific way or method to adopt to prevent testicular cancer. the best thing to do is to regularly examine yourself for any strange lumps and go for regular medical checkups.

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