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How to cure a Stye infection

Sties are packages similar to a grain of red "produced by a blockage in one of the sebaceous glands of the eyelids," as explained by Bavaria Clinic. Although, in general terms, they are not dangerous to our health, they can be very annoying and aesthetically undesirable. 


Its symptoms range from swelling to pain, to increased tear production, itching, or a crusting around the eyelid. The causes of blocked glands can be caused by dirt, accumulation of dead skin or oil accumulation. But how do you deal with one? 

Healthline, an American media specializing in medical and health information, recommends a set of different techniques designed to accelerate the healing process of styes. Like using a warm compress. The reason is that the heat helps the pus to rise to the surface and dissolves it along with the oil so that the stye can drain naturally.

Of course, we must make sure that the clothes are warm and not too hot. We can also use a tea bag. The heat is joined here by the antibacterial properties of the tea itself, providing deeper healing and protection. 


Another home method to alleviate the symptoms of the stye and promote its healing is to clean the eyelids with mild soap and water. FromHealthlineThey advise opting for baby shampoo that does not burn the eyes and mixing it with warm water. 

To apply it, we can use a cotton swab. In parallel to these remedies, we can also take analgesics if the pain is very intense. This will relieve it and allow us to be a little calmer until it heals, something that we can also promote by massaging the area gently with clean hands. 


On the other hand, and as important as what to do to promote the healing of the stye, there are those things that we should not do in order not to make it worse. In this sense, the experts point out two actions. 

On the one hand, the use of makeup, since it can further irritate the eyes and delay the healing process, in addition to being able to transfer bacteria to the makeup itself and the utensils we use. On the other hand, the use of contact lenses. Wear glasses until the stye heals as bacteria can enter the lenses and spread the infection. It should only be a few days. 


If it lasts more than a few days, the Baviera Clinic recommends going to see a specialist. And they advise the same in case the stye grows a lot, spreads to the rest of the eyelid, generates a vision problem, or produces a blister on the eyelid or blood. It is likely that the specialist will value some treatment or small intervention.

In addition, from this same ophthalmology clinic, they leave us at least two prevention tips to reduce the chances of suffering from styes. On the one hand, wash your hands well before touching the skin around the eyes. On the other hand, clean the excess oil from the eyelids.

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