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Ever Wondered How Water Got Inside Coconut?, Here's How.

Ever wondered how water got inside coconut?, Here's how.

Almost everyone has wondered one time or the other how water got to be inside coconut. Like we know, coconut is very hard to break so there is no way water would have seeped inside.

This question has been almost unanswered for lots of years. However, scientist were able to find out how water got inside the coconut. 

Water that is absorbed by the root of a coconut flows upward against the law of gravity. The water flows from the root of the tree through the capillaries into the coconut.

It is this freshwater that gets accumulated in the coconut. The coconut is able to get its nourishment from the freshwater which is actually the “endosperm”.

This nourishing endosperm is usually in liquid form during the initial stage of the coconut. After some weeks, the liquid endosperm turns into a creamy tissue that is deposited on the inner surface of the coconut.

By the time the creamy deposits becomes hard, the remaining endosperm would have become clean coconut water. 

Coconut water is rich in living enzymes that helps in digestion and metabolism. It also contains vitamin B complex and amino acids.

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