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5 science backed ways to relax when you are totally stressed out

Here are the science backed ways to relax when you are totally stressed out.

1. Bust a move

We know that both exercise and music are surefire ways to de-stress, so combining these into one activity—dancing—is a great way to calm down even faster.

2. Shout your favorite curse word

When in doubt, swear your stress out. When researchers at keeler university. in Staffordshire, England, asked a group of volunteers submerge their hands in freezing cold water in 2017, they found that using strong language helped participants keep their hands in for longer. The researchers' conclusion? Foul language can be a useful way to tolerate pain and duress.

3. Squeeze a stress ball

Stress balls, fidget spinners, and other tactile playthings can recenter your drifting focus away from stressful thoughts and toward something more tangible. Plus, who doesn't love squeezing a squishy stress ball?

4. Try yoga

Yoga has been shown countless times to have just as many mental health benefits as it does physical health benefits. And while most yoga practices are 60 to 90 minutes long, holding a single pose for a short period of time can yield great stress-busting benefits.

5. Take a boxing class

If you're desperate for a quick fix, consider taking your aggression out on a punching bag. Not only has boxing in the face of stress been shown to alleviate anxiety, but it's also a great total body workout!

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