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How to get rid of hip dips to achieve curvier hips

Hip dips are the inward depression along the side of your body, just below the hip bone. So, instead of the outer edges of your hips following curves that look like they were drawn using a protractor, they have indentations, which may be barely noticeable, or be rather prominent. BUT, there is need to worry or feel bad because they are totally natural and a normal part of your body structure.

How to get rid of hip dips

If you want to minimize the appearance of hips dips or get rid of them, you can perform certain exercises that can help you build muscle and lose fat.

These exercises helps to tone and strengthen the muscles in your:

* hips

* thighs

* abdominals

* buttocks


Squats are great to exercises to tone your thighs, hips, and butt. Ensure to keep your back straight and your toes pointing forward. Engage your abdominal muscles for extra support. 

How to perform squats

* Stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips.

* Exhale as you slowly lower down as though you’re sitting into a chair.

* Inhale and stand back up.

* Repeat this 20 times.


These movements target your outer thighs, hips, and side buttocks. Make sure to keep your weight evenly distributed between your hands and knees.

How to perform fire hydrants

* Come onto all fours, Make sure to keep your hands directly underneath your shoulders, and your knees directly underneath your hips.

* Inhale as you lift one leg up so that it makes a 90-degree angle from your other leg. Keep your knee bent.

* Slowly lower your leg back down. * Keep your knee from touching the floor before you lift it again.

* Do this movement 20 times. 

* Repeat on the opposite side.

3. Lying down side leg raises

These leg raises target your outer thigh and butt. Make sure you use the muscles in your hips and butt to perform the movements.

How to perform

* Lie down on your right side, making sure your body is in one straight line.

* Bend your right elbow and use your hand to support your head, or keep your arm down on the floor.

* Keep your left hand on the floor in front of you for support.

* Slowly lift your left leg up into the air.

* Lower your leg down without letting it touch your right leg.

* Do 20 repetitions.

* Repeat for opposite side.

4. Glute Bridges

How to perform

* Lie down on your back with arms alongside your body with your knees bent.

* Make your feet slightly wider than your hips.

* Inhale and slowly lift up your hips and butt.

* Exhale as you lower back down.

* Repeat 20 times

Do these exercises 3-5 times daily for 3 weeks to see visible results.

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