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Always keep your cholesterol level on check. Here is the reason

Cholesterol is a slick and lustrous substance found in the blood and the cells of all living creatures. Cholesterol helps the body in making hormones, vitamin D and also helps digest fluids easily but an excess level can be a cause for alarm.

A high cholesterol level can affect the body causing heart diseases and kidney failures. The liver produces most of the cholesterol needed by the body while others come from meat and fatty dairy products. Cholesterols are fatty deposits in the blood stream and toomuch of it could block oxygen-rich bloods from circulating well, thereby creating plaques in the chest. 


1. Angina: It's more of a chest pain than heart attack. If left untreated might lead to a partial stroke.

2. loss of memory: This happens when the broken plaque reaches the brain through the blood stream. If left untreated might actually lead to stroke.

3. Endocrine failure: The body's hormone producing glands needs cholesterol in order to make hormones like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol.


1. Exercise your body may be twice or trice a week.

2. Watch your diet, reduce fatty dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, etc.

Always keep check on your cholesterol levels to avoid future complications by visiting the hospital or your personal doctor.

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