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4 health conditions that makes you feel a foreign object in your eyes.

When sand or dust enters your eye, you will find it very uncomfortable. You might also notice some sort of discomfort in your eyes when there is presence of foreign bodies. There are other medical conditions that makes it seems that there is something in your eyes. When your eye discomfort is accompanied with pain or watery eyes, then you need to see your doctor.

Below are the causes of eye discomfort.

1. Conjunctivitis.

This is an eye condition that is caused by allergens, bacteria, viruses. People with conjunctivitis will experience watery eyes, pains, itching and redness of your eyes. They will also have sensation of a foreign body moving in their eyes.

2. Corneal abrasions.

This is another factor that makes people feel that something is in their eyes. When you mistakenly wound your cornea, you will have a painful, red and watery eyes. You will also find it difficult to focus on something due to blurriness.

3. Fungal keratitis.

This is a fungal infection that occurs when you obtain an eye injury. People with fungal keratitis will always feel a sensation of a foreign object in their eyes. Eye pain, blurred vision and red eyes is another symptom of fungal keratitis.

4. Dry Eyes

When your eyes doesn't have enough oil, water and mucus it could make your eyes dry. When you have dry eyes, the amount of tears that will be produced is limited. People with dry eyes always feel that something is in their eyes. They also notice blurred vision, itching eyes and excessive tears.

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