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4 drinks you should consume that will help lower high blood sugar.

It is necessary to have sugar in your body, but when your blood sugar becomes too much it can affect you. When trying to reduce your blood sugar you need to avoid sugary foods like candies, sodas and fast foods. Low sugar beverages like tea, coffee and vegetable juice can help reduce your blood sugar. I will share 4 drinks that helps to reduce high blood sugar.

Below are 4 drinks you should consume in order to reduce your blood sugar.

1. Water

Water is very common and it is readily available for human consumption. Drinking much water helps to reduce high blood sugar. The water you drink helps to remove excess sugar from your body through urine. The Institute of Medicine advises men to drink 13 cups of water a day and women should consume about 9 cups.

2. Tea.

Green tea, black tea and herbal tea are very essential for reducing blood sugar. If you want to give your tea a refreshing taste, you can few slices of lemon or lime to it.Try and avoid putting sugar into your tea.

3. Coffee.

According to research, coffee contains compounds which helps to reduce blood sugar thereby reducing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. For a maximum health benefit, avoid putting creamy milk or sugar to your coffee.

4. Vegetable juice

Vegetables are very helpful in reducing high blood sugar. You can blend your cucumber, celery, spinach and other vegetables. Berries can be added to your vegetable juice for a greater taste.Consume these juice regularly in order to stay healthy.

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