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6 Foods You Should Avoid To Reduce Inflammation In Your Body

Whenever we hear the word inflammation, we immediately think something is wrong. But did you know inflammation is also a sign your body is healing? It's the natural way your body protects itself when injured or sick. Chronic inflammation can cause serious health issues like obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Knowing about inflammation-causing foods helps you stay healthy in the long run.

1. Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup

Table sugar, also known as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sucrose, are the two major types of sugar we consume. Table sugar has fructose and glucose in equal parts. Contrary to the natural sugar existing in foods, added sugar is bad for your health.

This is because it can cause inflammation in your body. This type of inflammation can lead to harmful and chronic diseases. Results from one study showed a diet high in sucrose increased the risk of breast cancer which can eventually spread to the lungs as well.

2. Artificial trans fats

While not all fat is bad, artificial trans fat is among the unhealthiest fat you can eat. Artificial trans fat is made by mixing unsaturated fats and hydrogen fats.

Unsaturated fats are generally liquid but when hydrogen is added, they become a lot more solid. Artificial trans fats certainly cause inflammation in your body and increase your risk of getting a chronic disease.

3. Vegetable and seed oils

Certain vegetable oils like soybean oil can Increase the chances of inflammation. Considering vegetable oils are a major component in most processed foods and are also used as cooking oil, it's important to balance this out with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

4. Refined carbohydrates

Human beings have always had a diet rich in fiber. Fiber is always found in the roots of some plants and fruits. But the problem comes with refined carbs.

They're the main culprit when it comes to inflammation. When carbs are refined, most of the fiber in them is removed. This is a problem, as fiber can help satisfy you after a meal, and create healthy bacteria in your gut.

5. Excessive alcohol

Alcohol is something else that can harm you. Of course, when you drink in moderation, alcohol can provide some health benefits. When you drink too much, you develop bacterial toxins.

It will not stay in your colon and instead moves into your body, causing health-related issues. This condition is usually known as leaky gut. When this happens, you will increase the risk of inflammation in most of your organs.

6. Processed meat

You should avoid processed meat whenever you can. When you eat processed meat, you increase the chances of heart disease and diabetes. You might even have to deal with certain types of cancer down the road.

Processed meats include foods such as sausages, beef jerky, bacon, smoked meat, and ham. The reason they're harmful is that they have a higher amount of advanced glycation end products, compared to other meats.

Source: Healthline

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