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Early Menopause: What You Need To Do To Cure Irregular Period (Home Made Remedy)

Good health is important for sound mind and proper physical presence. And today, we shall be dwelling on women's health.

Meanwhile, if your monthly flow tends to be irregular or occasionally siezed, then, this health tip is for you.

What is menstrual disorders?

This is any type of irregularities during a woman's monthly period. It is often characterized by polycystic ovarian infection, hormonal response to stimulation or some unknown mutations.

Before we go properly into treatment details, let look at five (5) herbal ingredients needed to solve this problem.

NOTE: This traditional herbal compilation is neither speculative nor fabricated. However, it is a reaseach based remedy.


GOOSEBERRY: Botanically known as Physalis angulata. The Nigeria, this plant is known as koropo among the Yoruba people. Goosebery weed is a very abundant plant.

CATHOLIC VEGETABLE: Botanically known as Jatropha carcus. Jatrotha is however known as Hospital-too-far. And among Nigeria tribes, jatrotha is called ncheogba in igbo, lapalapa funfun in Yoruba and bindazugu in Hausa.

ALLIGATOR PEPPER: Botanically known as Afromomum melegueta. Alligator pepper is a popular seed plant used in folks medicine.

PAWPAW: Botanically known as Carica papaya. Pawpaw is one of Africa most abundant fruit plant.

ETHIOPIA PEPPER: Also called negro pepper, this spices plant is botanically known as Xylopolia aethiopica. In Nigeria, it comes with different names such as eru-alamo, uda and chinba.


Powdered form.


1. Pluck a handful leaves and stem bark of catholic vegetable.

2. Collect the 'foliage' pawpaw's leaves, gooseberry's leaves, alligator pepper and ethiopian pepper.

3. Make sure that all the collected recipes are properly sundry.

4. Then pound the dried recipies into fine powder and store in a dry container.


Take this medicine from the first day to the last day of your monthly flow.

1-table spoon of this medicine should be taken twice daily with pap.

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Early Home Made Menopause


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