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What are the signs of cancer in women?

Cancer refers to the growth of cells in any part of your body in a way that is not controllable. In other words, cancer occurs when normal cells become cancerous cells that multiply and spread.

According to WebMD, signs of cancer in women may include:

1. Vaginal bleeding or discharge. Cancers such as endometrial cancer can make you bleed when you don't expect it.

2. Changes in appetite. Ovarian cancer can make you feel full or make you face difficulty eating. Other cancers can lead to indigestion or nausea. Cancer isn’t the only illness that changes your appetite but make complain to your doctor if you experience trouble eating for 26 weeks or longer.

3. Pain in the belly and bloating: In most circumstances, you feel gassy, crampy, and bloated due to something minor. Talk to your doctor if you have such symptoms and they don’t go away.      

4. Breast changes. Cancer may lead to changes in the breast such as lumps growth, changes in breath size, discharge from your nipples, and spots or other changes in the skin around your nipples.

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