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Okra; Here Are The Side Effects Of Eating It In Men

Okra can be described as a vegetable with greenish capsule that contain many seeds. It belongs to the family of Malvaceae and is scientifically referred to as Abelmoschus esculentus. Okra seed contains a polyphenolic compound which has been found to cause infertility in the male gender. Other side effects of eating okra in men will be discussed in this article.

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Side Effects Of Eating Okra In Men:

1 Increases abnormal reproductive morphology.

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2 Causes testicular tissue impairment

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3 Reduces testicular weight and testosterone level.

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4 It reduces reproductive count: according to different studies in Lagos State Nigeria, the effectiveness of gossypol present in okra seed has shown to lower the motility and number of reproductive count in men.

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5 Obstructs spermatogenesis.

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According to the study conducted by researchers at the University Of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, " the consistent consumption of okra can impair the males fertility." However, you can remove the seeds before cooking it.

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