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Checkout Some Of The Rarest People In The World You Probably Didn't Know Exist

We are all unique in a special way, possessing different talents, qualities, skills and attributes.

However there are some unique people in this world that you probably won't believe that they exist.

Here are some of the rarest people in the world you probably didn't know exist;

Arun Raikwar:

This Indian man is capable of attracting metals. He's known as the "Magnetic Man." His body has strong special magnetic signals, mainly on his chest, allowing him to attract various metal objects.

Even though he's not proud of his power, Arun states that he feels good when people come to see what he does.

Ashleigh Morris:

In 2008 in the case of an Australian girl who was allergic to water was known and it's not a joke, since contact with water, creates reactions, which are similar to hives. Even her own sweat causes this type of allergy.

Rhett Lamb:

When babies are born, they usually spend most of their day sleeping. However, this was not the case of little Rhett, as he hasn't been able to sleep since he was born, because of a disease known as "Less Leg Syndrome" or "RLS."

Jesus Fajardo:

A Mexican man surprised the World by his excess of hair, and this was the reason he was nicknamed by news channels as the "Wearwolf."

Chen Yuanzhi:

This young woman was born with a strange condition. She has her knees backwards, which prevents her from walking. After so many surgeries, she was able to walk again.

Abdul Bajandar:

This man became known as the "Tree Man," because of the multiple bark shaped warts that sprout on different parts of his body.

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Arun Raikwar Indian Magnetic Man


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