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How Long Does HIV Last Outside The Body & Chances Of Contracting It From Razor Blades

It is well-known that HIV is a dreaded virus. Despite significant advancements in the development of antiretroviral drugs that can suppress the virus and minimize damage to the immune system, it is important to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding HIV.

In accordance with a publication on WebMD, this article aims to address the duration HIV can survive outside the body and the risk of contracting the virus through sharing razors and other sharp objects. While growing up, many people believed that sharing razors with strangers put them at risk of HIV transmission. Although the reality is different, it is still prudent to exercise caution.

How Long Can HIV Survive Outside the Body?

According to healthline the virus is most potent when it is within the carrier's body. It is primarily transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids such as blood, vaginal fluids, and semen. However, the virus significantly loses its efficiency and ability to infect once it is exposed to the external environment. It loses approximately 90-95% of its potency upon contact with the outside world.

This is why the chances of contracting the virus from barbershops or using public clippers, despite their sharpness, are extremely low. Regarding the risk of HIV transmission through sharing razor blades, the likelihood is also very low.

The chances of an uninfected person contracting the virus solely from sharing razor blades with an infected individual, even if an injury occurs, are minimal. This is because it is highly probable that the virus is no longer viable or potent enough to cause harm by the time the uninfected person uses the razor blade.

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