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What to do when someone faints around you

According to Mayoclinic, If you're unprepared, seeing someone pass out in front of you can be scary. If you know what triggers the fainting, you can take steps to support and protect the person. Here, you'll learn what to do if you witness someone passing out.

We must first understand what causes fainting and how to recognize the signs of it happening.

Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness caused by a lack of blood and oxygen to the brain, as explained by webmd. Fainting can be brought on by a variety of factors, including low blood sugar, dehydration, heart issues, stress, and worry.

So, what do you do if someone faints in your immediate vicinity? These are some ideas to consider:

Keep your cool and your wits about you. Panicking can only make matters worse and prevent you from getting the person in need the aid they need sooner.

Check that the person's airway is unobstructed. Lift the chin and gently tilt the unconscious person's head back to make sure their airway is clear.

If the sufferer is unresponsive, contact emergency services at once by dialing 911 or your country's equivalent. Find out whether they are awake and able to communicate so you know if they need help or can ask for it.

Put the unconscious person gently on their back on a level surface. Researchers have discovered that raising the legs over the heart improves cerebral circulation.

Make that the person's pulse and respiration are still being monitored at regular intervals if they are unconscious.

If the patient is conscious, you should remove any tight jewelry and make sure they are wearing loose clothing. The improved blood flow may reduce future episodes of fainting.

A patient who is conscious and alert can be given water. Maintaining an adequate fluid intake can help prevent future episodes of fainting due to dehydration.

Make sure the person is still breathing and has a heartbeat until help arrives; stay with them if they are unconscious. If they are cognizant, stay with them until they feel better.

Do not give the unconscious person food or liquids. If they are awake and attentive, avoid giving them anything that could cause a drop in blood sugar, such as alcohol or sugary drinks.

Finally, when someone faints, keep your cool, call for help, and give first aid. Follow these steps to get the person to a safe area where they can get the medical attention they need. If you feel faint, seek medical attention right away; this symptom may be a precursor to a more serious health issue.

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