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Medical Problems You Can Treat By Soaking Your Feet In Warm Salt Water

Warm salt water containing dissolved Epsom salt, a chemical compound called "magnesium sulfate," has been shown to be very effective in treating some medical problems affecting the feet by eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation and swelling caused by toxins in the feet, as well as aiding the body's immune system in targeting and destroying microorganisms like fungi that attach to the feet and cause "foot infections." This is according to Healthline.

You can find Epsom salt at any supermarket or drug store. You can use apple cider vinegar for Epsom salt if you have trouble locating the former. And research has shown that bathing one's feet in the mixture for 30-60 minutes, twice weekly, is all that is needed to get the desired effects. For the purpose of this essay, I'd want to quickly go through a few of the medical issues that can be helped by bathing your feet in warm salt water.

Candidal overgrowth

Fungus infections of the foot respond well to warm water, especially when supplemented with Epsom salt. Soaking your feet for 30-60 minutes in the combination will soften the skin and help you peel off the infection, speeding up the healing process and allowing you to get back on your feet quickly and comfortably. As a result, this treatment is useful against athlete's foot and other fungus-related foot problems.

Broken or fractured Heel

Common in the Western world, a "fractured heel" describes a painful injury to the heel bone. In addition, it is famously difficult to control. If it begins bleeding, walking may become quite painful. Soaking your feet in a solution of Epsom salt soaked in warm water will smooth the rough skin on your feet. The solution will disinfect the wound and stimulate the rapid development of new skin. Afterwards, if you want to get the best effects, try massaging in the suggested lotion.

Edoema and foot discomfort

Inflammation, swelling, and soreness in the feet can be traced back to accumulated toxins; a foot bath in warm water will help remove these irritants. Hence, it helps to maintain healthy blood flow to the area, which is another factor that expedites the patient's recovery. Humans have relied on this technique to alleviate foot edoema for ages.

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