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10 incredible changes that happens to your body during Sleep

People spend about 1/3 of their lives asleep. Sleep is vital. Lack of sleep causes serious damage to human health, increases the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular, nervous system and cancer. During sleep, the body both rests and recovers, and very important processes take place in the body.

1. Blood circulation and heart rhythm slow down, the heart and blood vessels "rest". Chronic insomnia, lack of sleep overloads the heart and blood vessels, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. The blood pressure during sleep is 5-7 mm falls down. For this reason, normal sleep plays an important role in the prevention of hypertension.

3. Hearing "works", smell "lies". That is why any loud noise can wake a person, but in most cases a sleeping person does not wake up even with a very strong smell. 

4. The spine is straightened, the intervertebral discs are stretched and are in the correct position. For this reason, a person's height is 0.5-1 cm higher in the morning than in the evening.

5. Man loses weight. Adequate sleep plays an important role in the prevention of obesity.

6. Skin rejuvenates. Increases collagen synthesis, activates oxygen metabolism, stimulates skin cell renewal processes, improves skin tone, smoothes small wrinkles.

7. Decreased levels of stress hormones. This is very important for the health of the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems.  

8. The activity of the immune system is activated, the synthesis of immune cells increases. For this reason, doctors recommend that a sick person sleep more and rest more.

9. The brain systematizes the information it receives during the day. Sleep is very important for the normal functioning of the brain. 

10. Increased secretion of sex hormones. Therefore, lack of sleep in men reduces potency and libido.

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