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It's Dangerous to Eat These 3 Foods on an Empty Stomach.

Take note of these few foods that are dangerous when taken on an empty stomach.

It may not always be right to eat what we feel like especially the breakfast which sets forth the course of the day.

Certain foods may cause Havocs with our gut if eaten on an empty stomach. It is advisable you should give your digestive system some time after long hours of sleep and should eat breakfast two hours after wake-up. With different researches, I have been able to compile this article to educate you on these certain foods that shouldn't be eaten in an empty stomach.

Below are 3 foods that may no do good to you in an empty stomach:

1. Spicy Food:

Eating of spicy and chillies on an empty stomach may irritate the stomach lining which can lead to acidic reactions and trigger indigestion. So it better to abstain from taking spicy food especially with empty stomach.

2. Sugary Foods or Drinks:

Though majority of people are under the impression that it is health to have a glass of fruit juice to start your day it may be the case. But with different researches, starting a day with a glass of sugary juice may put an extra load on the pancreas that are still waking up after hours of sleep. Processed sugar is been worse so avoid breakfast dessers or overly sweet smoothies.

3. Coffee:

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is a very common practise. It seems to be an easy way of breaking from sleep, but drinking coffee in an empty stomach may lead to acidity bcuase it stimulates he secretion of hydrochloric acid in the digestive system which causes gastritis in some people.

Other foods we should abstain from on am empty stomach includes:

- Aerated drinks

- Cold beverages

- Citrus fruits

- Raw vegetables

With the above listed foods, I believe I have been able to show you some foods we should abstain from on an empty stomach.

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