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A Message For Everyone: Boil Scent Leaf For 25 Minutes, Drink Twice Daily To Cure These Diseases

From the olden days when our forefathers had no means to orthodox medicine, herbs were used for treatment and you will discover there lived longer than us in the present generation.

There are millions of herbs that has been discovered and used to solve so many health problems and more are yet to be discovered. Out of all these discovered herbs, very few people know them and their various combinations. You cannot be suffering from various kinds of diseases when the solution is at your door step. That is why I am here today to tell you of the amazing function of scent leaf.

Scent leaf contains much content that are healthy to the human body. In fact not all the disease that it can solve has been discovered. Scent leaf contains vitamin A, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and carbon. It is also very rich in flavonoids. It can use as an antiseptic and antifungal agent due to the oil present in it.

It can be used for cooking, it can be boiled and even chewed for oral infection.

How to prepare

Get some quantity of scent leaves ( a handful) and boil in water for about 25 minutes. After that, remove from fire and allow to cool. Sieve out the juice and drink twice daily to get these benefits.

Below are some of the health benefits.

1.    It fights constipation and other types of stomach disorder.

2.    It deals with respiratory diseases e.g. cough.

3.    It prevents heart diseases like heart attack.

4.    It cures diabetes and even lowers blood sugar level.

5.    It aids and eliminates menstrual pain.

6.    If relieves fever and malaria.

7.    It fights and prevent stroke.

8.    For those dealing with fertility: it helps boost the fertility rate in both male and female.

9.    If help fight fungal and bacterial infections in the body.

10+ Smooth Health Benefits of Scent Leaf - Health Guide NG

Some other minor cases it can handle include:

1.    For those having issues of pile: squeeze bitter leaf and put on the pile overnight. Drink the scent leaf juice also. Do this for a week and it will fight it thoroughly.

2.    For those having mouth odor. Chew scent leaf first thing in the morning and late in the night before bed.

3.    For infertility: grind bitter kola and some quantity of scent leaf together. Soak in dry gin for 3 days and drink two times daily.

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