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How To Reverse Your Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is among the ten most deadly diseases in the world today. It is the major cause of amputations, blindness, heart diseases and stroke.

In the past, getting diabetes was like getting an incurable disease but the good news is that latest research findings have revealed that type 2 diabetes can be reversed naturally.

In this article, we want to reveal to you how your diabetes can be reversed. The latest research published in the journal of diabetes medicine gives the details.

What does reversals of diabetes mean? This is also called diabetic remission by some authorities. This simply means bringing your blood sugar level to a healthy range without having to rely on medications again.

On the other hand, the fear of all the diabetic complications will be done away with, although you will still have to be going for check ups, to avoid your blood sugar suddenly rising up again.

How can this reversal be achieved? According to the researchers, diabetes can be reversed through weight loss. If you can remove 15 percent off your weight, your diabetes may be reversed.

Natural weight reduction can be achieved through taking less calories, engaging in physical exercise, eating more fiber containing foods, eating more vegetables.

You may reduce the calories you eat by limiting the amount of carbohydrates and sugar that you consume.

Some people also reduce weight through weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery.

According to the report published in, nomater the method you adopt,by the time, you remove 15 percent off your weight, your diabetes may likely be reversed.

The authors in WebMD, states that within the first five years of your diabetes diagnosis, if you remove 10 percent off your weight, your diabetes may go into remission. This is another word for reversal of diabetes.

On, how weight loss can affect diabetes, the researchers say that fats in the belly region and liver can impair the effective functioning of the liver and pancreas.

By loosing weight, some of those fats may burn off allowing the liver and pancreas to discharge it's functions effectively.

However, the authors agree that not all who reduce their weight would reverse their diabetes because there are other risk factors to diabetes such as age, family history and race.

However, from the study carried out by the researchers, 90 percent of those who were used for the research got their diabetes reversed.

However, your weight reduction program should be guided by your health care provider because there are medical conditions that may not warrant you to pursue a weight reduction program.

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